How Our Story Begins

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I can only begin by saying I enjoy being creative, accomplishing projects, and staying organized and I would love to start sharing my passion with other people. I also enjoy the challenges of designing a room from a blank canvas to completion. I love the process of choosing home decor that expresses my vision for that space. But, before I talk about our shop let me tell you a little about myself.

After all these years, of enjoying being creative and organized in my own home I have decided to start what I wish my younger self would have years ago. However, now is a better time than never and I still have goals, dreams, and challenges that I am ready to conquer. Now that we are heading into a stage of being an empty-nesters, some free time has come up. Our twin baby girls have grown up and I am not as busy being their mother and can begin to focus on my dream.

However I know I could not do it without the support and encouragement from my loving husband, Steve over the past 26 years. He is constantly helping me and supporting my passion. Also, my twin daughters, Nikki and Kelli, whom are about to leave the nest soon. I can see their willingness to believe in their mom's ideas. Their smiles give me the okay to continue down this path knowing I have their patience and understanding with the process. They all are my blessing and bring the gift of joy to my life. 
And finally I can only hope I am on the right path to bigger and better things ahead. This small retail shop, "Hidden Possibilities" was established in 2018 and will hopefully be that one more full-filling and rewarding gift in my life for many years to come.
Thank you for listening to a little of who I am today. 
Sincerely, Tamatha Huston.