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Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Welcome to my third blog page for my website " Hidden Possibilities". Yes, it has been a few weeks since my last blog but I've been looking for a little inspiration for the right things to include in the next blog page. I have been busy traveling to Louisville, Kentucky; St.Charles, Missouri; and St Joseph, Michigan over the past few weeks. While I was visiting family and friends I began to look at things around me a bit differently. I began to feel calmer and at ease as I walked about each day.

At that moment I decided to take a picture of some spectacular views I just walked upon to my surprise. I was just trying to keep that moment alive as I hit the button on my iphone just one more time. I took the picture because I didn't want to forgot such a beautiful view and I don't know when I will see it again. In fact, weeks have gone by since our trip and I still look at the pictures.

Now it's nice to be home again but I still need some kind of inspiration to keep me motivated each day. So I can jump right back to work with a fresh outlook. I did enjoy the slower pace and fresh air while I was on the go during my travels. That is so different from my every day routine of being a wife, mother, and shop owner trying to find inspiration.

That is why these pictures are important to this blog page because it shows my idea of beauty and my inspiration. It's hard not to notice this picture above and the warm color palette along with the distressed wood beams. You can even see the soft glow from the lights in the distance. I guess you can say I'm a visual person I think that's why I love to capture photos like above, they really help my creative bug. The pictures I took on my trip make me feel inspired to keep moving on in my daily routine.

But I try to stop and find the hidden possibilities all around every day in all kinds of places. Thank you for listening to my blog tonight as I try to hold on to the great views during my passed travels. I hope you can find your inspiration in unexpected place. Enjoy the slow ease of the day.

Sincerely Tamatha Huston

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