Hidden Possibilities By Tamatha Huston

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Good morning, I was thinking this picture reminded me of this little shop in my community I kept driving by each day. I kept telling myself "I will stop by but, not now maybe later ." Well I finally did it. I walked up to the door and told myself "Just a quick look." As I opened the wooden door, I was welcomed with a soft voice that said "Hello" and I looked to my right to see this adorable shop of treasures so I decided to walk in a little further. I smiled and said "hello" to the nice lady sitting behind the counter as she crocheted a blanket, I could see all the yarn twisted around her fingers. While I was looking around the shop I discovered a table full of knickknacks. I then paused to think to myself "why didn't I stop here before, that would make a great gift." This was a great learning moment for me, this little shop was filled with antiques and little trinkets that could have wonderful hidden possibilities when it comes to decorating a home and I just kept driving by day after day, and never stopped but now I know to stop in hopes of finding those little hidden possibilities. By Tamatha Huston